Show Me The Ring
 This is what every woman hears the moment the proposal has ended. In the flurry of chaos, the rock becomes the center of attention.
Ladies, we’ve caught you. We know you have spent hours lusting and pinning the best examples. Like any true female, you have done your research to a T and know just what you are looking for.
No, we are not talking about the perfect man. We are talking about the perfect ring. The ring that makes jaws drop, eyes widen and faces turn green with envy. Sure, you probably did this research long before you even had someone to put it there. 

Now we are here to pose a scary question: What if your perfect ring cannot be found in the store?
Before you worry for too long, we have got you covered. 

Product Confidential is here to help you design the ring down to the last detail. If you doubt us, check out some of our favorite designs that have made for some very happy brides to be!




Happy Designing!!

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Father's Day Gift Guide

Rise and Shine, Jewelry Lovers! The Sun is out and the weekend is upon us. And you know what they say; a weekend is best spent shopping.

Father’s Day is coming up!
If you still haven’t found a way to thank Dear Old Dad, then stick around! We have some icy treats sure to melt his heart.

Happy Hunting!
Tag us in all your Father's Day Festivities using #ConfidentInOurProduct!

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Sweet Jewelry for Even Sweeter Treats

In honor of National Donut Day, we wanted to take a moment to pay homage to all of the delicious treats our staff has eaten over the year. Our jewelry has taken some fun adventures and tasted some of the sweetest treats from LA to DC. 
(Edible or not)

Los Angeles, CA "Gwennie Cakes"

Los Angeles, CA "Gwennie Cakes"

Washington, DC "Georgetown Cupcakes"


Burbank, CA "Krispy Kreme"

May your day be filled with all kinds of "Sweets"!
Don't Forget to treat yourself to a Donut!


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How To: Wear Ear Cuffs Like a Celebrity
If you have been paying attention - and not living under a rock these last couple of months - then you know that Ear Cuffs are one of the latest jewelry trends and we could not be more on board.
Check out our gallery of how to rock an ear cuff like your favorite celebrity.

Ear Cuff Wearing Celebs fall into our Three Categories: Bold, Flirty and Classic

If you are going to go bold, you need to be brave, go for it and follow these celebs!




The perfect way to appear sweet and fun is with these Flirty Designs that can be dressed up or down depending on your mood!




As you know, our word for 2015 is CLASSIC so we are always on the lookout for the ladies with the classiest jewelry donning the red carpet!



Sound off in the comments to tell us which look you like most!

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All photos c/o Pinterest