Abigail Finch
I never knew Abigail Finch.  My grandmother worked briefly for Ms. Finch and I have heard many stories about her.  I don't know that anyone truly knew her well; she was easy and charming but rarely spoke of her personal life.  What I can share with you has been pieced together from conversations about her – and listening to what was not said.
I came to understand Abigail’s father was a talented linguist and worked as a translator and teacher in the royal court of King Chulalongkong, son of the well known King Ramos IV of "Anna and the King".  Born in 1894 two years after her newlywed parents arrived in Bangkok Abigail was the adored only child raised in Hau Hin; a resort beach town.  Abigail was surrounded by the English staff her family had brought with them from Great Britain as both her parents were raised in upper class families - originally from London.   Abigail spent many holidays in England with grandparents, cousins, and their far-reaching connections among the elite.   But it was the beauty and majesty of Thailand that influenced Abigail from an early age teaching her the calm of eastern religions and the attitude of positivity known to Thai culture.  

My grandmother once asked Abigail about her mother she simply stated that, "My mother saw beauty in everything.”  Another connection told me that Abigail's mother passed away when she was only 11 although I do not know how.  At this point the story gets muddy but it seems her early teen years were spent traveling abroad with her father - I always imagine them distracting themselves from their loss with traveling the world.  It's very tragic and romantic.  I don't know how much of it is absolutely true though.
I do know that around her 16th birthday Abigail asked her father if she could commission a piece of jewelry to commemorate the memory of her lovely mother.  He of course agreed and Abigail embarked on what was the start of her passion for design.  Abigail, inspired by her mother's love for the native Golden Shower Tree, commissioned a gold pendant crafted in exact replica of the Golden Shower Tree’s flower.  The story as I heard it was that Abigail's newlywed mother had been homesick for England during their first winter at the Thai court.  As spring came and the Golden Shower Trees began to bloom the breathtaking blossoms of the tree caught her mother's fancy and delighted her senses as she began to settle into her new life in Thailand.  Abigail's mother associated the blossoming of the trees with her gradual love of Thailand, and in the years to come the story of how she came to love Thailand was inextricably intertwined with her adoration of the beautiful golden blooms.
Once she had completed her first commission Abigail’s friends saw her natural propensity and begged her to create pieces for them.  She happily obliged.   Soon women in the most elite positions of the world owned jewelry designed by Abigail.  By the time Abigail moved to England permanently in 1927 she had established herself as a designer among the upper class.  Her traditional family did not approve of her name being publicized, and her inheritance did not require her to generate an income so Abigail always worked for the passion and stayed true to the ideals taught to her in Thailand.

Abigail never married, but was not without many romances, never had children, but was not without many loving lifetime friends.  After her move to Great Britain she travelled extensively throughout Europe spreading her designs, charms, and eccentricities.  She eventually settled in London and resided there until her death in 1982 just days after her 88th birthday.

Now as her brand, Product Confidential is being offered for the first time in America we are taking great pains to honor her legacy.  The passion put into the design of the beloved Golden Shower Tree Blossom is the same passion that inspires us. The commissioning of be-spoke jewelry crafted by Master Artisans in her beloved Thailand honoring creativity, individuality, and quality – at a price unmatched. 
I am happy to introduce you and keep you up to date on the happenings at the exclusive jewelry lounge.  There is an appointment with luxury waiting for you here – are you ready for it? 
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