Commemorative Portraits
When Abigail Finch would complete bespoke jewelry commission she would often suggest in her delicate way that the new owner might commemorate their new jewelry in some way.  This is why part of your service at the Product Confidential Jewelry Lounge includes professional photographs to commemorate your jewelry creation.  Product Confidential is the ONLY jewelry merchant to offer this service as part of the process.  We do this as a nod to Ms. Finch and her by-gone customs; as a way to bring back the ideals of a more sophisticated era.  

We realize that not everyone is excited about the idea of having their photograph taken so of course the commemorative session is totally up to you.  Each completed commission over $5,000 comes with one session to be used by you or by the recipient of the commissioned piece.  Because why not?  We know Abigail Finch would be proud.

Ask a Personal Jewelry Concierge more about this service.

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