The Mobster
Circa 1963

 A middle aged gentleman from Florida was staying at what would become the Mandarin Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand in the height of summer 1963.  One evening he walked into the Abigail Finch workshop, handed over a sack of 12 IF (Internally Flawless), .25 carat diamonds and said, “Put these in any ring and deliver them to my hotel tomorrow.  Oh and give it a rough look, I like that.” A barked ring shank has a beaten look and was all the rage back in the early sixties, and they assumed that's what he meant.  They didn't think that questioning him was a good idea.  The commission was negotiated at a significant enough price for the staff to work through the night to produce the ring for delivery by the next day.

When Ms. Finch's assistant went to deliver the ring and collect payment the following afternoon the hotel staff informed them that the man had checked out, but had not left any forwarding information.  (And had left his room a disaster.) The ring was placed in a safe to await further notice.  He never returned for his ring and it sits in our safe today with his name tied to the box.   

After a little research it was found that the man was a mobster from Miami who has long since passed.  But why did he never collect his ring?  We will never know.  The ring has been kept as a reminder of the adventures of Abigail Finch.


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