What is Bespoke Jewelry
What does "bespoke" mean exactly?  Bespoke means the ultimate in custom.  It means you tell me exactly how you want this to be and I'll make it that way.

When you go to a conventional jeweler you are presented with a series of options that you can choose from to make something I'm sure they will call unique.  But when you use your imagination to create something bespoke it is truly an original.

"Bespoke jewelry" means sitting down with a sketch artist to help you design a piece of jewelry that you want.  Bespoke jewelry will never limit you. If you need to make the most incredible engagement ring you could visit a jewelry store and maybe change how high a prong is or possibly the details on the side.  But would you be able to actually specify the exact design from start to finish?  No.

Bespoke jewelry gives you the freedom to create a ring that is not just custom, but inspired.  THAT is bespoke jewelry.

And who doesn't want that?

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