An Appointment You Will Remember
You’ve made hundreds of appointments before; the doctor, the school counselor, the chiropractor, it goes on and on.  You’ve been in what feels like every single waiting room in the Westlake Village area, and you’re pretty sure you have memorized the address of every professional building from Thousand Oaks to Calabasas
So why would I ask you to book yet another appointment?
Because this one…this one is different.  This one is not like any appointment you’ve ever experienced. Have you ever made an appointment and arrived to find that every part has been 100% customized to you?  Have you ever made an appointment where you are the only client being taken care of at that time?
That is what you can expect from your appointment at Product Confidential Abigail Finch in Westlake Village. After your initial phone consultation you will be invited to submit your inspirations so that your Personal Jewelry Concierge may begin the process of creating your beautiful jewelry even before you arrive. 
Of course it doesn’t end with your appointment at Product Confidential.  That’s only the beginning of the journey to acquiring your perfect jewelry.  But I don’t want to give away all the secrets. 
Book the first appointment - or just ask a few more questions. 818.597.2600

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