The Truth Behind Custom
Good Afternoon, Jewelry Lovers!In our hopes to keep you informed, we wanted to help educate you on exactly who we are.  

Custom: Made or done to order for a particular customer.
What is a true custom experience? That is what many of our clients are pondering when they come to the Jewelry Design Lounge to create their own unique piece of jewelry. Product Confidential is involved in every step of the process of custom designing a piece of jewelry from the minute a client walks through the door. Every client has different needs and different wants that need to be considered in the creation of a perfect custom piece.
The ultimate idea of luxury is when something, whether it be jewelry, a piece of clothing or handbag is made specifically for you.
Custom should feel great, look great and should fit really well. We tell clients in advance to come armed with pictures, books even swatches of their favorite material to get an idea of the look and design that they are aiming for. We even recommend going through your jewelry box and pulling out what you wear and adore the most or even dislike the most, so you can have those pieces custom remodeled.
When it comes to custom trust is the key. You have to be able to come to the lounge, work with your concierge and jewelry sketch artist and know that they share the same vision as you. Product Confidential will help you create pieces of jewelry that will complement your skin tone, your body type, even your hair type!

Time to dispel some myths, Jewelry Lovers. A common misconception about custom jewelry is that its “too expensive” when compared to purchasing a high-end brand. But, being the Mythbusters we are, we can tell you with certainty that this is simply not the case. Any custom jewelry house must be accommodating to a client’s own personal needs, whether it be design or finance related.
As jewelry experts, we ask our clients what they enjoy doing, what art they are interested in; we want to know our clients passions and capture them in that unique piece that they have had so much creative input.

Custom means spending an enormous amount of time thinking about the right setting for the piece that the client wants to create. The client is the artist and we want them to have the vision and perspective of what they want to create. We are here to ensure that your piece of jewelry has everything you want and nothing you don’t. Product Confidential staff is solely here to assist you with their creativity and to inspiration when necessary on the journey to create that custom piece.

Finally, clients come to us with specific custom requests. They are looking for a particular gemstone, a specific material with signature touches, such as an irregular diamond bezel, and inscription or a stone set within the inside of the wedding band. The increase in custom pieces comes from creative clients breaking free from wearing the same jewelry as everyone else. 


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And when you create a custom piece of jewelry, nothing will be more captivating or awe-inspiring.  Whether it is designing a new piece, or refashioning an old one, creating custom is the way to make yourself the talk of the town.
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