St. Patrick's Day Must Haves
Happy St. Patrick's Day, Jewelry Lovers! We hope you are feeling lucky today and that you remembered to wear your green. We would hate to see you get pinched! As you probably know, we are here to help you stay as classy as possible and offer the most useful advice.

So, first things first: you cannot leave the house without the perfect outfit. 

So, if your closet seems doomed, here are some of our favorite green inspired looks:

And of course, you always need a little Royal Inspiration...

But of course, what outfit would be complete without jewelry?

And thankfully, you will never have to!
Here is some of our favorite Pinterest Jewelry Finds for all your inspiration needs:

Did we leave you green with envy? We hope you have a classy St. Patty's Day, Jewelry Lovers!

Stay Classy

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