Class Jewelry
So, Jewelry Lovers, it has been four years of sleepless nights and endless dates with the library. You are finally done and are ready to walk across that stage, clad in a cap and gown, ready to accept your well-deserved diploma. The following day you wake up, no cap, no gown, no way to celebrate all of your hard work except a couple picutres and good memories. So, what is missing you ask?
Graduation is an important milestone and commemorating that special day is of equal importance, Jewelry Lovers! And what better way to celebrate than with a piece of custom, one of a kind jewelry?
We know you are used to the traditional class ring that you feel obligated to buy but never truly love. Well, you are in luck, Jewelry Lovers! Product Confidential is offering the next step in graduation jewelry: class jewelry! Now, you no longer feel obligated to buy a traditional ring. Instead, you can treat yourself to a necklace, bracelet, tie tack, tiepin, or whatever else you can possibly think of.
A custom piece of jewelry allows you to remember all of the best parts of your education and remind you of the step you took to launch yourself into the future. 
So, allow creativity to flow and remember your time in school with as much fondness as you can muster. 

And if you still need some inspiration, here is an original take on a ring one of our most recent clients designed with us. 

Happy Graduation, Jewelry Lovers!

Stay Classy
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