In April of 2012 this set was designed by a well-known singer to celebrate her 70th Birthday.   And as much as we would love to tell you who it was we remember that “Confidential” is part of our name.  This client did not want to go over the top with glitz but had her own precise idea of how she would express herself through the pendant, ring, and earring set.  She explained to her Jewelry Concierge in New York that she had a big heart so instead of wearing it on her sleeve she would wear it around her neck. The heart design was far from unique, but she loved it so we re- created it with a few twists to make it hers.  When the diva was told that all the pave set diamonds throughout the piece are FL (flawless).  
She replied, “Like my voice”.  She was totally serious.
Details:  Flawless Pave Diamonds