Our Adventure in Washington DC
Good afternoon, Jewelry Lovers! If you have been keeping up with our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you have seen the adventure of a lifetime one of our rings took. Our ring ventured to our nation’s capital, Washington DC. It was her first time flying and her excitement was palpable! She got the opportunity to embrace the nation’s history and absorb the knowledge and power of one of the best cities in America. The nation's captial is full of glamour and some of the most important people in the country. And although she did not get to see President Obama- something about him being too busy running the country- she was able to visit a few other special presidents and monuments along the way. 

We began our trip like any other. We took to the clouds:

Once we arrived, we knew there was only one place we wanted to go first. 

Next, we hit the National Mall to come face to face with some of America's Best and Brightest.

Abe was honestly the nicest.

We were told if you lay down on the ground, you get a better picture. So naturally we got right down on the freezing cement for the best view in the house!

Next we headed to the World War II Memorial where we stood in awe and appreciation of the brave Americans who died for our freedoms.

Nothing was more beautiful than the Jefferson Memorial at Sunset. And, who knew there was a museum??

Sadly, we bid adieu to the beautiful Washington DC.

Once again, the lights of Los Angeles welcomed us home. 

But never fret, DC, Product Confidential will return...

And, until we meet again...
Stay Classy