Make it Marsala
Rise and Shine, Jewelry Lovers! A new year means many things. In the Fashion World, it means shopping for the new color of the year and, this year, everyone is Mad for Marsala. This classic color (and you know how much we love class) is perfect to use for statement pieces, fabulous footwear and makeup alike. Marsala, which flatters both men and women, is the best color to help ring in the new year. Was one of your resolutions to stay on top of the trends in 2015? Well, here is your first assignment. Hit the stores and snatch up every piece of Marsala you can find. That is, if we don’t do it first! If this didn’t inspire you enough, here is some Hollywood glam worthy inspiration. 


It is easy to see that Marsala was made for you! And if that didn't convince you, well, we don't know what will!
Stay Classy