Jewelry Custom to your Skin Tone
Happy Monday, Jewelry Lovers! Valentine’s Day has passed and wedding season has officially arrived! For those of you still looking for the perfect ring for that perfect someone, you have come to the right place! Being in the jewelry business, we have learned some secrets that we want to share with all of you. One of the questions we are asked most frequently is which metals will best match our clients’ skin tones.
The first step is determining if your skin tone has warm or cool undertones. Cooler skin will usually have more pink or rosy undertones, whereas warm will have more yellow or golden-apricot undertones. The majority of people are cool (both in skin tone and in nature).
Now that you know which skin tone you fall under, it is time to learn which metals will best suit all of your best features. For cool skin, metals like silver, titanium, stainless steel and white gold will compliment you best. For warm metals like gold, pewter, brass and copper will suit you.
Now that you have the metal, what about the stone?
Cool favors stones such as white pearls and diamonds along with jewel tones in pinks, purples, magentas, blues and reds. Warm favors stones such as golden toned pearls and coral. The jewel tone should be more brown, orange, green, yellow, peach, coral or turquoise.

For more insight, head over to our Pinterest at We hope we have been helpful, Jewelry Lovers. Until next time…
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